Why Meditation Is Good For Business Success

You’re probably aware that meditation is good for your soul/happiness but meditation for business success? really?

It has been proven that meditating can alter your state of mind for the better. And as I always say, your state of mind and mindset play an important role in any type of success.

Just over 2 years ago, I decided to try meditation for the first time. My business mentor suggested it. I sat in the bath one night and listened to a guided meditation by Rebecca Campbell. It was called light sourcing and was all about opening up your mind & body to receive positive energy. It was around 7 minutes long.

I closed my eyes and remember being a bit skeptical at first but I wanted to succeed. It took me a good couple of minutes to get into it. My mind was so busy with other thoughts that concentrating on what she was saying in the audio was difficult.

However, when the audio was over and I opened my eyes, I remember feeling joy. I felt lighter, calmer and grateful for life. What would you give to have those feelings over stress, anxiety, and anxiousness? Well, you just need to give 10 minutes of your time., that’s it!

How does this help with business?

What thoughts run through your head every day when trying to run your business? ‘Am I good enough?’ ‘Will I ever achieve my goals?’ ‘What’s my next step?’

Sound familiar?

Running a business can bring on stress, it can drain you and all of this impacts on your general health & well being.

Imagine waking up calm every morning. Imagine not worrying about finances in your business or the next steps. How would you feel if this was the case every day?

Not only does meditation help to relieve stress and anxiety but it can also help to develop clarity. As a business owner, the main challenges you have every day can be overwhelming. The impact that meditation has on your state of mind can help you run your business more effectively.

Not only that but meditation can also help with the following:

Maximising your performance

Better decision making skills

A sharper intuition

All important business skills if you ask me. So knowing this, is it any surprise that more and more entrepreneurs use meditation for business success? It’s this reason why Google have incorporated meditation into their company culture.

How To Get Started

As I’m not quite a meditation expert, I’ve linked a great blog post for you to read here.

This is my advice though, start small. A 5 minute meditation can do the trick. There’s no need for it to be long and there’s no need for it to be every day. Make it fit in with your life.

For me, it’s easy to integrate into my daily routine. As I have a bath every night, I use 5 minutes of my bath time to meditate. I don’t do it every day but I make it fit every week.

How can you find a way to integrate it into your life?

And just remember that like most practices, meditation is beneficial if it’s embedded into your daily/weekly routine and done continuously. The effects are long term rather than instant.

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