3 Influential Women Who Can Teach You The Meaning Of Success & How to Be Successful Yourself

meaning of success

The actual term ‘meaning of success’ is googled quite frequently. It seems that the meaning of it is so vague that people are unsure exactly what ‘success’ entails.

For me, the meaning of success means freedom. The reason I work hard is to earn money which will pay for holidays, experiences, items, and that to me is freedom. It’s also the feeling of fulfilment. It’s the feeling of achievement after going through struggles.

Your interpretation may be completely different and so it should be. Success is personal. It’s a feeling not a category. However, there are always reasons why some people are successful and others aren’t.

J.K. Rowling

Apart from loving the Harry Potter Novels, I also love the story behind it.

Apparently, JK thought about the idea for Harry Potter whilst travelling on the train from Manchester to London. Before it was published, she was a single mother, divorced from her first husband. She also lost her own mother and lived fairly in poverty.

This led her to have depression which later inspired her to write about the Dementors.

The first Harry Potter book was rejected 12 times before the 13th publisher, Bloomsbury, took a chance on her. Can you imagine if she had given up on the 12th time? There might be no Harry Potter books, movies, or Harry Potter studios. As a huge fan, that’s just unimaginable!

The meaning of success, in this case, was probably not the money or fame that came to her but having her book published and known to be a good author.

It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.

Coco Chanel

We all know Chanel as the iconic fashion designer. Mostly known for her perfumes and impeccable style. She revolutionised the fashion industry, introducing a much more comfortable fashion for women.

But Chanel wasn’t born into that success. She lost her mother at the age of 12 and was orphaned by her father. She lived with nuns who taught her how to sew. Although having learned an invaluable skill, it’s been documented that life in the orphanage for Chanel was strict.

I also have to point out that Chanel was born in 1883 and therefore lived through the first and second world wars.

Her success was built purely by herself. She lost her husband to the war and was left on her own with no family. She opened her first shop in the early 1900’s and in the 1920’s introduced the little black dress as she is famous for now.

meaning of success

Oprah Winfrey

You may know Oprah from her chat show ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’. She’s a self-made billionaire, reportedly worth £2.6B!

However, Oprah’s childhood was not as glamorous as the lifestyle she has built for herself today.

Oprah opened up about her childhood on her show years ago explaining that she was raped at 9 years old and fell pregnant at 14 due to sexual assault. She lost the baby as it was born prematurely. She dropped out of doing her degree at 19 and fell into television.

Her success was purely down to her strength and endurance. Originally Oprah wanted to be an actress which never materialised for her, but would you say that means she wasn’t successful? Absolutely not!

In this video, Oprah states that she comes from a focused place, from compassion and a willingness to understand people and be understood.

She also states that the secret to the success of the show was that people from all over the world could see themselves in her.

“I don’t believe in failure. It’s not failure if you enjoyed the process.” “My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” “Think like a queen”

Key Points

These are the things that I’ve learned from all 3 women on the meaning of success and how to create it…

Let your past influence your future in a positive way.

From all 3 stories, you can see how each one of them has used their past experience to be successful.

J.K Rowling wrote about the Dementors from her experience with depression. Chanel took the sewing skills she gained in the nunnery and created her fashion empire. Oprah gained valuable empathy skills from her childhood which enabled her to talk to people in a real way.

Don’t let your past define you, let it influence you

Believe in your vision & let the universe guide you

The one thing that can be said for all 3 of these women is that they believed in themselves and their vision. Whenever things may have not looked so good for them, the universe led them onto the right path.

Consistency is key

They all believed in their vision enough to keep going. Even after rejection and bad fortune, they kept going!

Don’t be put off by a lack of results at first, even slow progress is better than quitting. Even when it feels like you’re not getting anywhere, the only way to fail is to quit.

Be relatable

Whatever profession you’re in, you need to be relatable. It’s well known that people buy from people, it’s about emotional connection. If you really want to know the meaning of success, it’s in your audience.

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