The #1 Healthy Habit That Changed My Life & How it Can Change Yours Too!

When you hear ‘healthy habit’, what automatically pops into your head? Eating more fruit & veg? Drinking more water? Doing 10K steps every day?

There are so many things we consider to be healthy habits. And some would argue that you need to do a multitude of things to truly be healthy. I completely agree!

Yes, I do believe that health is not just doing 1 thing. For example, walking 10K steps. Because if you didn’t do the other healthy things such as eat well and practice self-care then those 10K steps wouldn’t count for much.

But there is something I’ve found to be a game-changer and has helped me make all the healthy habits I should be doing, easier to accomplish.

And that my friends is …getting your daily recommended vitamins & minerals. That’s it, that’s the magic healthy habit!

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Why are Vitamins & Minerals Important?

Our adult bodies are complex machines. Our organs don’t stop working from the day we’re born until the day we die. They keep going and going until they can’t anymore.

There are so many contributing factors as to what makes them work properly but one of them is nutrition. Good nutrition is important because it’s what keeps us alive, quite simple.

But as I say, we are complex beings and the right nutrition really makes a difference to how your body reacts and what it gives out in return.

If you treat your body well, it can give you a lot more back. So I’m just going to break down some of the important vitamins and what we need them for.

Vitamin A Important for good vision and support to your immune system which is very important right now! It can help with reproduction and helps your main organs such as heart, kidneys & lungs work properly.

Vitamin C – Helps protect cells & keeps them healthy. Good for healthy skin, bones & cartilage and blood vessels.

Vitamin D Helps with healthy function of bones, teeth and muscles

Vitamin E – Protects cells from free radicals

Vitamin K -Prevents blood clots and preventing excessive bleeding

Omega 3, 6 & 9 – These can IMPROVE heart health and help cholesterol levels. They also reduce blood pressure and contribute to healthy brain activity.

B Vitamins & Folic Acid – Many benefits which include keeping the nervous system healthy, release energy from the food we eat, helps keep your blood cells healthy.

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So Where Do I Get Them From?

Quite simply you get it from food, mostly fruit & veg! But how much is the real question!

We all know the recommended portion of fruit & veg is 5 a day but that’s just the minimum and that still doesn’t allow you to achieve all the recommended daily vitamin intakes.

A study shows that even 10 portions of fruit & veg is what’s required for optimum nutrition.

I din’t know about you, but I struggle with 5 let alone 10!

How Can I Make It Easier to Get the Daily Recommendation?

For me, the answer is supplements. Taking supplements every day allows me to bridge the gap between what I do eat and what I should eat. This is my game-changing healthy habit!

No one says that supplements are better than the real thing, that’s definitely not what I’m saying. But supplements do allow you to achieve the nutrition that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Not everybody can live a perfect nutritional lifestyle because of different things such as money or food preferences but everyone CAN take supplements that will allow the healthy function of your body. Why wouldn’t you do that?

To me, supplements are my health insurance! I take them every day, invest in my health, and look after my body by performing such a simple act!

What Can I Achieve From Taking Supplements?

It’s taken me 30 years to realise how important my health is. Before my 2 operations in the last 4 years and going through radiotherapy for a spinal tumour, I was very unhealthy in my eyes.

I struggled with fatigue, poor vision, and generally a low immune system so I would get sick so easily. All this meant that I struggled to live normally on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I still worked and went out but it wasn’t easy to get out of bed and do those things.

I would lie in for hours and still be tired, suffer from mild insomnia and only get a few hours of sleep. I would drink 5 cups of coffee each day to keep me awake. It wasn’t a nice life.

After my 1st operation in 2016, I realised how important immunity is, I couldn’t help but think that if I had been healthier all my life I might have not had to suffer from a spinal tumour. Of course, I’ll never know for sure but I do know that the changes I’ve made have made me healthier now and I’ll never go back.

I decided to give supplements a go as I was so tired of being tired! And to my amazement, they worked! And now, I inspire healthy living to help people feel better.

You can achieve anything you want from being truly healthy. I want you to imagine a life where you get up at 6 am full of energy and rearing to go! Where you don’t snooze your alarm or drink coffee to keep you awake because it’s completely possible. You just need to make it your new healthy habit.

The right vitamins can also increase metabolism so if you’re looking to lose weight, they can speed up the process.

Which Supplements Are the Best?

For me, my Juice Plus supplements will always be the creme de la creme! I call them the Ferrari of the health supplement world. If you could afford a Ferrari or a Ford, which would you choose?

Why are they so good you ask? The process used to make them is completely different from the normal way. They are made by making real fruit & veg into a powdered form that is placed in a capsule. This allows you to get all the phytonutrients (natural chemicals or compounds produced by fruit & veg) you need directly from the capsule.

So although Juice Plus is still not as good as eating your fruit & veg, it is the NEXT BEST thing!

The fruit & veg capsules alone which are my all-time favourite will give you the nutrients of 17 different fruit & veg. Taking these every day is a healthy habit worth having! The variety of products they do are all vegan & gluten-free. Check them out here

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