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Network Marketing Success With The Miracle Equation

network marketing success

Have you ever heard of the book ‘The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers’? It’s a book based on the best selling book ‘The Miracle Morning’ and talks about how a morning routine can help you achieve network marketing success.

I absolutely love it!!

I love books that give you tasks to implement. It’s such a great motivational book too if you’re feeling like you’re stuck in your business right now.

However, I have to warn you that the morning routine is based on mindset practices not business strategies.

But that’s fine because mindset really is the key to any kind of success, especially network marketing success in my opinion!

So many people bypass this important factor and it’s the reason why most network marketers quit, turn around, walk out the door (sorry the Gloria Gaynor in me is coming out!)

But seriously, mindset is key! I can’t stress this enough.

What Is The Miracle Morning?

It’s a set of practices you should incorporate into your morning routine that people have claimed to have made a HUGE impact on their life and business.

They’re called the life S.A.V.E.R.S

S ilence -Take time to sit alone in silence with your thoughts. This could be a meditation which I highly recommend you try.

A ffirmations- If you’re into the law of attraction you’ll know what an affirmation is. It’s simply a statement you say in your head or out loud that affirms something you want in your life.

V isualise – Imagine your dreams becoming true. This is a great technique for motivation and letting the universe know what it is you desire most.

E xcercise –This is just proven to have so many benefits to your mind and body. It also gets you pumped and ready to start your day

R eading –Learning and self-development is key to to grow as a person. If you prefer you can listen to audio books or watch a motivational video

S cribing –Also known as journaling. Getting your thoughts out on paper can be super helpful to clear your mind for the day and allow new ideas and information to enter your brain!

network marketing success

Top Network Marketer Interviews

In the book, the authors interview THE TOP network marketers and asks them about their morning routine. They all claim to do some of these practices and swear by their morning routine for network marketing success.

One life saver that stood out which most network marketers do is the self-development one (Reading). Almost all of them talked about how watching, reading or listening to something helps their mindset so they can show up as a leader.

I bloody love self-development and can’t wait to put this into practice in my morning routine.

The book also makes it clear that you don’t have to do all of these for very long and even just 1 minute per life saver will make a difference to you.

And Finally ...The Miracle Equation!

At the end of the book, the authors, Hald Elrod and Pat Petrini share the amazing miracle equation which inspired me to write this post and inspired me to get my butt into gear and carry on going in achieving my business goals.

Finally, the juice bit you’ve been waiting for and here it is….

Unwavering Faith + Extraordinary Effort = Miracles

I will break this down for you and what I took from it and why I believe this really is a powerful equation.

Remember, this is all about mindset

Unwavering Faith – The belief that NO MATTER WHAT, you will succeed and there is absolutely no other option on this earth in your lifetime for you.

Extraordinary Effort – Showing up as your highest self consistently in your business even when things get tough

This is what truly makes someone part of that top 1%. This is the only difference between you and them. The fact that they did not quit and showed up no matter what.

Imagine your life if you showed up as the person you want to be. Who is that person?

Don’t wait to become her, step into her shoes right now and start believing that no matter what, you will succeed.

Because you have to understand one thing. This will be a difficult journey but this is about the person you become, not the result.

The person you become will be way more valuable than any amount of money you can imagine and this process really is the key to network marketing success <3

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