3 Real Reasons You’re Not Where You Want to Be & How to Change Your Life Now!

So, you’re reading this because you’ve just had that sudden realisation of “Sh*t! I’m 30 and I’m still working in that dreaded 9-5 job that doesn’t fulfill me” right? Well I know I have anyways. Your thoughts may have been slightly different but hopefully, you can relate & this post can help you change your life even slightly.

But before I start talking and going deeper into the why’s I just want you to know that all the reasons revolve around YOU. You are the reason! Deep down you probably already know that but understanding yourself on a deeper level is what’s going to help change your life. In fact, the deeper you go, the quicker and more dramatic the results will be.

Ask yourself though, “Where did I want to be by now?” “Am I happy?” “Does it matter?”

Because at the end of the day, if you’re happy and you don’t care that you aren’t where you wanted to be in life by now then this post isn’t for you. Turn away now and go and read something that will be beneficial! But I’m guessing you’re here because you aren’t happy or not completely so read on…

change your life

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#1 You’ve Never Really Known What You Want In Life Even If You Thought You Did

Yes, you might be thinking ‘I wanted to be rich by now with 3 kids and married in a big house’. Sorry hun but this isn’t knowing what you want! This is a vague dream that you were grown up thinking you wanted because it’s what everyone else does or wants.

Do you know how much you want to earn exactly each month? What your life looks like each day? Where you want to live? The type of person your husband will be? Do you how you would feel if you had everything you wanted by now?

You don’t have to know how you would get those things but you need to know what. And the ‘what’ has to be specific! You need to know exactly what you want and the feelings that come with having those things.

Why do you need to know the specifics? Because it inspires you to take action and motivates you to achieve your goals.

Here’s the thing, you can’t be vague about what you want and expect ‘something’ good to happen to you. You have to set your intentions and you have to put in some work, doesn’t need to be hard work but some work, to get what you really want.

#2 You Don’t Take Responsibility

Of course, not everything in life is going to be your fault. But have you ever had the thought, “why me?” Have you ever felt like you were being picked on? You’re not the only one, we’ve all felt that way. And we all blame everything we possibly can but ourselves!

Think about your life so far for one minute, have you just plodded along as life has dealt you the cards it has without playing back? Have you blamed the hand you’ve been dealt for the reasons your life isn’t your idea of perfect?

We cannot change the cards we’re dealt, just how we play the game!

I can tell you now that if you started taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life, it would be very different. Why? Because your choices would be different, therefore your actions and the outcomes would be very different.

You always have a choice for how you react to something and what actions you take in any situation. Right now, take responsibility for where you are and make a choice based on that. What choice and what action can you take right now to change your life?

#3 You’re A Quitter!

I’m so guilty of being a quitter! I start a project, get really excited, and then stop when I don’t see the results I want quickly. What did I think was going to happen after just 1 month though? Be rich? Have a successful business? Have rock hard abs?

As Tony Robbins says “People overestimate where they will be in 1 year but they underestimate where they can be in 10 years”

If you want to change your life for the better then you need to stop looking for a quick fix and just stay consistent in one field. Choose something that will give you the life you want and keep working on it every day. Even if you don’t like it or you don’t see any results at first, just keep going. Don’t quit because the results WILL come!

For the past 6 years, I’ve been following someone on Facebook who started a network marketing business. He’s spent the past 5 years showing up every day and has been consistent in the business. He and his girlfriend are now in the top tier of the business and have both quit their job and live a financially and time free lifestyle. That can be you! The key really is to never give up!

change your life
These key actions will help you evaluate where you are right now, where you want to be, and how to change your life to get where you want to be…

#1 Think Deep About What You Want

Here’s a great exercise for you, write down your ideal day and ideal week. What would they truly look like? Obviously I’m talking about a working day and working life because unless you win the lottery you will have to do something to make your lifestyle a reality.

When and where would you wake up? Would you work from home or an office? Exercise before work? Have kids and where would they fit in? etc.

Like I said earlier, be specific! And don’t worry if it seems out of reach, for now, it’s about letting yourself think of the possibilities. At the end of the day, Richard Branson owns his own island so who says you can’t achieve your dreams?

#2 Set Some Goals

Make sure to write your goals down! They are so much more effective if they’re written formally and you can look at them every day.

If you truly want your ‘perfect day’ life then set some goals week by week based on that. What should your next steps be this week to get one step further to where you want to be?

#3 Stay Committed & Consistent

Life WILL get in the way, but remember your reasons for starting. Remind yourself of your goals every day. Take responsibility & don’t quit! To really succeed you need mental toughness. If you need some tips on being mentally strong through all the sh*t life throws at you read this:

5 Things Mentally Strong People Do Each Day

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