How To Grow Your Business On Autopilot So You Don’t Have To Spend 24/7 On Social Media

network marketing funnel

Have you ever heard of a network marketing funnel? Well if you haven’t, your busniess is about to get a lot easier for you!

Imagine you were able to bring in consistent sales into your business without spending all day on social media posting about your products…

How would it feel if you could leave your business for the day and still be able to make an income?

I know that sounds crazy and amazing all at the same time! But honestly, this is exactly how real business owners run their businesses.

I’ve personally never seen a  top earner posting in their stories or Facebook feed 7 days a week showing off their products. 

That’s because they use a network marketing FUNNEL!

What Is A Funnel?

Put simply it’s a series of steps that turns leads into customers.

I’m going to use an example of someone wanting to sell a 12-week coaching program to help someone lose weight. The funnel would look something like this…

A Facebook ad is created. The ad makes someone aware of a FREE 3-day weight loss boot camp. It then asks the person reading to click on the link to register for it. 

The person will give their email to be registered. That email gets sent to the host who has an email autoresponder set up. This means your email will be input into a list and automated emails which have been pre-written will be sent to you reminding you of the boot camp.

The boot camp is then hosted in a Facebook group over 3 days on live video.

At the end of the boot camp sessions, the host will make their offer for the 12-week program. The person buys the program

As you can see from the example above, the lead has taken a number of steps which has led to them buying the product and becoming a customer: Clicked on the ad. Input their email address. Attended the boot camp. Brought the program.

sales funnel

How To Replicate This In Your Business

As a network marketer, your objective is the same: to sell your product, right? Therefore, your network marketing funnel is still the same. But let’s break it down by asking the following questions…

Where do I want to do the selling? – Most network marketers sell in Facebook messenger for example. However, the above example was in a Facebook Group on live video

What can I offer to get people to that place? – In the above example, it was through hosting a free weight loss boot camp. But for network marketers, it could be as simple as a free weight loss guide. (This is called a lead magnet) However the guide can mention your products at the end like the boot camp made the offer at the end.

How do I make people aware of my offer? A Facebook ad

What call to action do I give them? – The host above asked leads who read the ad to click the link and register. You could do the same, however the CTA(call to action) in the guide could be to connect with you via messenger to learn more about your products.

So your funnel would look something like this:

You make an ad that says you are giving away a free weight loss guide and that if someone would like to download it they just need to register on your website. They then get sent the guide via email. When they read the guide they’ll see you talk about your weight loss story and products you used. The guide would tell them to connect with you via messenger to learn more.

Promoting Your Network Marketing Funnel Without Facebook Ads Or A Website

There is a way to do this without spending money on FB ads. However, this means that you will need to spend a little bit more time on your business. Regardless of this, a sales funnel is essential for any network marketer!

The simpler version would be to create a free guide but not run any FB ads.

Instead, you would make a profile post saying that if anyone is looking to lose weight, you have a free weight loss guide you can give them for example. So your CTA would be to ask your potential customer to comment if they’d like it. Once they’ve commented you would send them the guide via messenger and this allows you to create a conversation with them and eventually talk about your products/offers.

The Difference Between This And A Product Selfie Post

A sales funnel is all about the little steps that a lead takes to get to your offer and become a customer.

Essentially, if you post a pic of a product and ask for people to comment, that is a simple sales funnel. However, it’s not a very effective one!

The difference is that you are offering something for free first. This is so important because your prospects don’t want to be sold right off the bat.

It’s a way to create a conversation around their problems before they even know about your products. 

Your objective in network marketing should be to help people solve their problems and your products are just an added benefit to help them do that. You’re just the middle man between them and the product. Therefore you should always lead with starting a conversation on their problems and introducing the solution if they want it.

This builds wayyyyyy more trust and authority which is the main reasons people buy from people.

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