How to Take Control of Your Life When You Feel Stuck

Last month I turned 30. It kinda scared me, to be honest! I wasn’t prepared for it at all. When I was younger, I thought I’d be in a completely different place by now.

Of course, I’ve learned that life doesn’t always go as planned but I have to take some responsibility and say that I could have done more if I had put my mind to it.

So I decided that it was time to take control back and live a life I actually envisioned when I was younger! I’ve made some changes that have made me feel like I’m back on track and I want to share them with you.

Don’t listen to society on how YOU should be living your life

When you start listening to society on what your life should look like but your life is nowhere near that way, you’ll feel lost.

From a young age, we’re programmed in thinking that we need to follow a specific template. Go to school, go to university, get a job, find a partner, get married, have kids. But what if you’re 30, a single mum and living with your parents? what then?

Before you start comparing your life to others, think about it as YOUR life. Your experiences, your struggles, your stories that make you who you are!

Go back to basics

Mel Robbins, a motivational speaker suggests doing these 3 things when feeling like ‘hitting a wall’

Go for a 20-minute solo walk. There’s a lot of research that proves that getting outside can calm your nervous system down. It also helps in clearing your head.

Don’t look at you phone for at least an hour when you wake up. What was your life like 10 years ago? before social media. Before your phone took over your life?

Social media has a way of taking our time away from us. Take control of your life by controlling your screen time. If your social media feed doesn’t make you happy, positive, or improve your life in any way then you need to change what content you’re looking at or not look at it at all.

Force yourself to exercise. There’s a lot of evidence that exercise improves your mood, helps you focus and makes you sleep better.

If you’re lacking motivation to exercise, read my post:


Connect with a friend.

Watch Mel Robbins on Youtube here

Look at areas of your life that can be improved

Figure that sh*t out and work on it every day until you’re happy!

Whether it’s your job, your work-life balance, your health, weight, etc. you can make a plan right now that means in 6 months time you’ll be in a much better place in your life.

I can probably guess that if you’re reading this post you’re not feeling a lot of fulfillment at the moment. One way to take control of your life is to find your purpose and live it. You owe it to yourself to live a life you love!

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Get a Life Coach

Everyone can improve in some way. If you’re feeling stuck, one great way to take control of your life is to work with someone who can help. A life coach can help you see things from a different prespective.

That’s particularly useful for trying to understand yourself on a deeper level. When you do this, you’ll find ways to experience more fulfillment and joy.

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