How to Get Motivated to do Anything – My No Bullsh*t Approach and Why It Works

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So, you’re at home during this pandemic and there’s so much you could be doing, but you don’t seem to be getting anything done and the ability to get motivated just isn’t there. Is that correct?

I get it, it’s so easy to put things off. For me, my thoughts always tend to be along the lines of “I’ve still got loads of time off, I don’t need to do it today” This is usually in relation to studying or doing housework. Things that don’t excite me.

I also know that distractions can be quite high at home. Especially when there’s a hundred shows you want to binge-watch on Netflix. You end up getting comfy on the sofa, and before you know it you’ve seen all the Tiger King episodes and you’re left hating on Carol Baskin. As if you’re going to get motivated to go for a walk after that (Fu*kin Carol Baskin!)

But I have a motto when it comes to motivation. Every time someone says “I have no motivation” or “I can’t get motivated” I say “It’s not about motivation, it’s about discipline!”

If you think about it, most people don’t have ‘motivation’ to get up in the morning and go to work. It’s all through discipline. Discipline to set your alarm, discipline to get out of bed!

I’m not going to write you a piece about how you need to think of the ‘why’ behind your goal to get your motivation. I’m just going to give you it straight, you need to be more strict on yourself. You need to tell yourself to stop moaning and start doing!

I always tell clients to be positive and think good thoughts, but I also tell them that they need to discipline themselves. That means also telling themselves what to do and not take no for an answer. Just like a parent disciplining their child.

Your thoughts spark action. So if you’re feeling unmotivated, you’re not thinking at the right level. The thing you need to do at that moment is to change your thoughts. Be your own cheerleader, parent, teacher, or whatever you need to be to get up off that sofa and start taking action.

And if my ‘stop moaning and start doing’ mantra doesn’t cut it then ask yourself these questions instead…

*What am I achieving by NOT doing what I should be?

Think about it this way, what makes you get up and go to work in the morning? We’ve talked about discipline but what’s the reason deep down? It’s probably to earn money, right? Money to pay the bills. Money to be able to provide for your family maybe? or go places even.

However, what would happen if you didn’t get up to go to work? You would probably lose your job and I bet you couldn’t possibly let that happen as you need the money.

Now ask yourself the same question for the thing you’re trying to motivate yourself to do. If it’s to work out for example, what would happen if you didn’t work out? You wouldn’t lose weight and you’d hate looking at yourself in the mirror (This was me at one point) Could you possibly keep living like that? It wouldn’t be any good for your mental health.

By not doing what you should be, you’re still achieving something. But it’s a negative action, not the positive one you want.

*How much longer will it take to reach my goal if I keep putting off the task?

Do you have a date in mind to achieve your goal? Putting something off today means working harder tomorrow. If working harder isn’t possible, it’s a delay in getting your desired outcome.

Get in touch if you need more guidance, I’m always happy to respond to any question.

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