How to Generate Leads Consistently In Network Marketing

There Are 2 Types of Network Marketers...

Those who struggle to generate leads, using old methods of prospecting. AND… Those who generate leads every day by attracting the right prospects to them.

I’m a network marketer who struggled for years to recruit prospects for my business. This led me to almost quit network marketing completely!

When I first started network marketing 6 years ago, I was never really taught how to market my business properly.

I was thrown straight into the deep end with recruiting and selling strategies. My upline told me to make a list of people I knew would be good for the business and pitch them the opportunity. I was told to send copy and pasted scripts to as many people as I could on Facebook. Also to post before & after pics and share selfies of me using the products!

This was way out of my comfort zone at the time. As I’m an introvert, I was actually scared of doing those things.

I genuinely thought that I could post pics of the products, ask for the sale and people would buy but boy was I wrong!

These methods feel spammy and inauthentic to me which is why I was never able to be consistent with them. I didn’t like being rejected and ghosted daily. Not only that but I didn’t have any results using these methods. As a result, I almost quit network marketing multiple times.

I joined different network marketing companies because I hoped each company would have different methods of marketing. But they were all the same.

I thought to myself “there must be another way of generating leads without chasing people”. When I studied what other gurus were doing, none of them were posting on their FB profile and using the methods I was being taught

Branding Myself...

Luckily just over a year ago, I came across something that changed my perspective on how to build my business.

This was just a simple article (the one above) that talked about attraction marketing methods.

Because of this article, I’m now learning to build myself as a brand. I’m doing this so that I can stand out in this industry because without a brand you’re just the same as everyone else!

You present the product, you present the opportunity but in this industry, people buy from people. They buy from people they know, like and trust and if you don’t build that kind of influence you won’t be able to generate consistent leads.

Reaching out to a cold market is not as effective because people don’t have the trust needed for you to be successful in selling to or recruiting them. This makes it difficult to generate leads daily

When you brand yourself and become an expert in your product’s industry, it means you lead with value. When you make a mindset shift of trying to help people instead of trying to sell to people you will come across as more genuine and build influence quicker

Leading with value and becoming an expert simply means sharing content that helps your prospect. For example, if your product helps with weight loss, think of how you can share content that gives info on losing weight. Your prospect will then see you as an expert and reach out to you when they feel comfortable enough.

Also, think about sharing your story instead of listing off the ingredients in your product. What have you learned that can help your prospect?

Listing ingredients or features of any product or service doesn’t help your prospect. Anytime you post a piece of content, just think “what helpful information am I giving that will help my prospect with their problem?”

If this has been helpful please leave me a comment, I’d love to know your thoughts. If you’d like to learn more about what I’ve shared here are two things you can do right now…

Read the article that I talked about by clicking below. AND join my FB group where I share more in depth training on this blog post (I’ve linked the group below)

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