5 Things Mentally Strong People Do Each Day

Being mentally strong in my opinion is the best thing you can practice. I can say hand on heart that I’m probably the mentally strongest person I know! It’s allowed me to live a stress & anxiety-free life. Therefore I enjoy the little moments more than most people. Would you say that’s you?

The characteristics of mentally strong people are that they are more focused, happy, in charge of their lives and are adaptable.

Mental toughness is something you need to practice. No one will ever be a robot and therefore things will still get to you no matter how mentally strong you are! They do to me every now and again and I practice and practice to get over the things that don’t bring me joy.

There are ways that you can become a more mentally strong & happy person.

mentally strong

#1 Write a Gratitude List

Simply a list of things you are grateful for that happened the day before. 3-5 things is all you need to jot down. What this does is start your day in a positive way. When you do this daily, you’ll eventually start thinking positively more often and what this does is allow your brain to respond better to negative situations. If you can always find a silver lining in everything that happens, you’ll start to enjoy your life and feel less stressed

Think really really small. Are you grateful for your friends and family? The roof over your head? The fact that you get fresh clean water every day?

Being grateful also opens up the gates of the universe. If you believe in the law of attraction, this one practice can bring so many positive things/experiences into your life. Read about it here on one my favourite law of attraction blogs:

The 5 Principles of Manifestation for Beginners

#2 Seek to Fail at New Experiences

This one is the real challenge. No one likes failure so going out and seeking it probably makes you feel anxious just thinking about it! But this is where the real mindset growth happens.

What your brain blocks out, is the number of times you’ve already failed in your life. When you were learning to walk, did you do it the first time? Definitely not but you kept going and learned it eventually. Think of school and exams you may have failed. Times you’ve been rejected from job interviews etc.

You’ve failed multiple times and you’ve learned from the failure. Failure is good. It helps you learn and keeps you mentally strong so that no challenge can phase you.

So seek some new challenges that may feel scary and fail at them!

When I started this blog a few months ago, I didn’t get any views. It hurt at first because it made me feel like a failure but I soon realised that I’m new to blogging, I need to learn and I need to keep practicing. This has made me a mentally stronger person.

If you still need a little further help on getting past your fear of failure, read my blog post:

How to Get Past Your Fear of Failure

#3 Forgive

Are you still holding on to grudges from the past? I’m not going to lie, I do every day! And every day I learn to forgive a little bit more. When you hold on to grudges from the past, you’re actually holding on to some negative feelings that don’t serve you.

Feelings that don’t serve you such as anger and sadness aren’t always bad, but at times can make you lose focus and stop you from taking a leap forward.

For example, if you’ve been cheated on by an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and you still hold a grudge, it might stop you from moving on and being happy with someone in the future. You don’t have to forgive it all straight away, just a little each day.

Write a list of what you’re still holding on to and the feelings it gives you. Then, think of how you’d feel if you didn’t let that grudge affect you and what would you be able to do without it?

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#4 Let Go of Things They Can’t Control

A few weeks ago I came home and as I walked in the door and said hi to my partner, he said it back in a very annoyed mood. I asked him what was wrong and he pointed out a leak we had in our ceiling which had left it damp and marked.

He had to switch the water off to stop it and wait for a plumber to see what was wrong. This left him feeling under the weather all day and night! It’s something that has disrupted our daily life and he was not happy!

On the other hand, I was as calm as anything. My initial reaction was ‘well that’s annoying’ but I immediately brushed it off and thought ‘well there’s nothing I can do about it, it’s happened so that’s that!’

If it was something that affected our lives drastically I could have understood. But quite honestly it was a small leak and it meant being water-less for less than 24 hours! It really wasn’t the end of the world like my partner thought.

One mentally strong quote I like is this one:

If you live in the past you’ll be upset, if you live in the future you’ll be anxious and if you live in the present you’ll be at peace

Stop worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet and live life at that moment. If something happens that you can’t control, simply ask yourself “What can I do right now in regards to the situation that I CAN control?”

In my situation it was simply call a plumber and enjoy a cup of tea whilst I waited!

#5 Pat Themselves On the Back

Girl, you’ve probably been through way more than you give yourself credit for! Are you a mum? A graduate? Dealing or have dealt with a serious illness? Been made redundant? Been through a tough relationship?

Go through all your achievements however small because praising yourself is a powerful thing. You need to tell yourself that you ARE a badass every day and you have living proof of it. No one is you and no one has been through the exact same life experiences so be proud of how far you’ve come every single day because you are a mentally strong cookie! 😉


  1. Tracy says

    These 5 things are great to do every day. I especially loved the quote about the past, present, and future. It’s such a good reminder!


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