4 Easy Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone As A New Female Entrepreneur

What does ‘stepping out of your comfort zone’ even mean?

It means putting yourself in a situation that is unfamiliar to you. If you think about it, your life has been a series of uncomfortable situations. Think about your first day of secondary school, your first kiss, your first day of work. I bet you got past all of those, didn’t you?

Becoming a female entrepreneur is just the next series on your journey. If you’re just starting you’re most likely feeling a little scared to step out of your comfort zone because working for someone else is all you’ve ever known.

A great quote that I like to remind myself from time to time is this…

Confidence is the result you get from taking action, not a requirement for doing so

What it’s saying is that if you take action on something unfamiliar to you, you will gain confidence from doing so. Taking action doesn’t require you to be confident.

Step 1 – Introduce Your New Business

If you truly want to make your business and new lifestyle a reality, you need to get comfortable with introducing yourself and your business.

You will most likely be asked in future “what do you do?” or “tell us about yourself” That will be your chance to shine and the last thing you want is to stumble on your words!

We have so many ways to do this these days due to social media so it’s an easy task. My challenge to you is to introduce yourself and your business on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

If you want to go one step further then create a Facebook Business page and promote it by doing a live video.

Step 2 – Connect With Other Entrepreneurs

A great way to do this is to join groups and communities on social media.

If you haven’t already then join us in the Dare To Glow Facebook community here

There are many other groups online where you can join, ask questions, support and connect.

My challenge to you is to either ask a question or reach out a group admin (the owner of the group) and ask them questions that may be beneficial to your business and journey.

Remember that I’m someone you can reach out to and I welcome any questions in either my Facebook group or through my contact page

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Step 3 – Take Action Towards Your Goal

If you’ve decided what your business will be or even if you haven’t, take one action today that will push you forward towards your goal.

Do you need to set up a website? If so buy the domain and the hosting. Do you need to figure out your niche? Spend an hour brainstorming. Do you need to market your product? Create your advert.

You could join a course, a coaching programme or get a personal coach.

This one is simple and not only are you being productive but without knowing it your stepping out of your comfort zone. You’re doing what you love but taking a leap into new territory, something you’ve never done before.

Step 4 – Attend An Event

At the time of writing this, it’s probably not going to be an easy step to do in all honesty, due to quarantine and all that! But I’m sure it’s something you can still look into and plan for once we’re all free again!

It can be any business event, it doesn’t have to be an interactive one but just something that gets you out into the world and around other like-minded women. It can open up so many opportunities and be a lot of fun.

A couple of years ago I went to a blogging event in London. Hosted by Career Girl Daily, a blog I follow. The short of it is, it was a great experience! I loved the learning part, the interactive part and the connections I made. It opened my eyes up to opportunities for my own blog but it also connected me to women in the same boat as me at the time.

You can search for events on Eventbrite in your area or go further or even on the Meetup app. There are paid events and free ones, whatever suits you. Keep a lookout on my page in the future for events hosted by myself.

Even if you just take one of these steps, it’s a step further to stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming a confident CEO, female boss. If you take anything away from this post, let it be that it’s all about taking action. That’s the only way to confidence.

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