3 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Exercise & Tone Your Body Fast

We all want a lean, toned body. And somehow we seem to want it with as little effort as possible. The good news is that it’s definitely possible to get quicker results if you exercise smart, but you still need to do the work.

Don’t forget that what you eat also has a result on how quickly your body responds. It’s safe to say though, based on science, that if you eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly, these exercise boosts will work 99% of the time!

What I’m sharing in this post is great in my opinion because they’re all ways to tone your body at the gym and at home if your happy to invest in some equipment.

Disclaimer: I’m not a qualified trainer, everything that I share is through my own experience and research. Results are individual and I make no promises!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links meaning I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I have personally used and rated highly.

Practice Mindful Exercise

Mindful exercise is about staying in the moment as you’re moving. I know that’s quite vague but stay with me!

Wellness is the all-new buzz word at the moment. It seems that more and more women and people, in general, are thinking about their well being. They’re taking a step back from busy life and learning to relax a bit more.

And of course we’re all aware of how exercising is just as beneficial for our mental well being.

Mindful exercise is about combining both of those for a more effective workout. Whilst you’re exercising you would need to focus and think about what your body is doing. By focusing on the muscles you’re training, studies show that you work them 22% harder.

Also, you’ll get all the benefits such as stress reduction and a sense of calmness whilst you exercise.

This is also a great way to tone your body at home without equipment

So how do you practice this?

When you’re doing an exercise, listen to your breathing. You should be aiming to do each exercise without fault.

So when you squat for example, your aim should be to concentrate on each squat and do them perfectly, instead of aiming to reach a certain amount of squats. Does that make sense?

You need to mentally note how your body is feeling and responding to each exercise, and every rep – making tiny adjustments as you go along and breathing in sync.

Try a Power Plate

Have you tried a power plate yet? In just 15 minutes you can do a workout that speeds up your results by a third of the time. Sounds amazing, right?

The power plate theory is that it sends vibrations through your muscles during exercise. This causes them to contract up to 50 times per second which boosts exertion by 300% compared with doing the same exercise on the floor.

When we exercise our muscles and push them as much as we can, they become fatigued. When this happens, micro-tears are created which repair and grow back stronger. Apparently, this only takes 1 minute on a power plate, so it’s worth a go!

Check out this reasonably priced one at Bluefin Fitness

Use Resistance Bands

Do you workout with resistance bands? Have you heard of them? Essentially, they’re elasticated thick bands that can be used in workouts to add resistance, therefore making your muscles work harder.

I’m sure you’ve realised by this stage that the secret way to tone your body faster is simply to work your muscles harder during exercise.

So actually working out less but more intensely will have a greater effect on your muscles, and will help tone your body without losing weight.

If you’re going to exercise with resistance bands, I recommend having a variety.

This pack of 3 resistance bands is good for leg and glute workouts. They come in different sizes.

This longer resistance band is suited more to arm, shoulder, and back workouts all though they’re multi-functional and can work your legs and glutes too.

tone your body

Try these 4 body toning exercises at home or in the gym

When doing these exercises, remember to be mindful at all times. It’s more important that you focus on each exercise than to rush and do more. It’s about quality over quantity.

The Squat. Targets: Inner thighs, core and glutes.

Do this on a power plate or with a resistance band round the thighs

  1. Stand with legs shoulder-width apart, knees soft
  2. Squat down, push back up with your glutes
  3. Tense your glutes the whole time
  4. Breathe out as you squat, breathe in as you stand
  5. Focus on each squat as you do them, don’t rush
  6. Aim for as many squats as possible

Watch this video for the perfect squat position

The V-Sit. Targets: Abs, lower back

Do this on a power plate or floor

  1. Sit with feet in front of you, knees bent and back straight
  2. Lift your legs up so your thighs are at a 90-degree angle with the floor
  3. Keep you back straight and shoulders down
  4. Keep your hands on the floor next to your sides
  5. Extend your legs out and lower you back slightly as you do.
  6. Bring your legs back
  7. Repeat up to 20 times

Watch this video on how to do a v-sit.

Plank with a twist. Targets: Shoulders, Abs, Back.

Do this on a power plate or use a resistance band on the floor.

  1. Do a plank by placing both hands in a fist on the power plate/floor whilst holding the resistance band in both hands
  2. Bring your right hand up as you reach for the ceiling, rotating your torso the same way at the same time
  3. Return, then swap sides
  4. Do this for 3 minutes

Watch this video on how to do a plank twist with a resistance band

Leg extension. Targets: Quads

Do this on the power plate or a resistance band around the thighs

  1. Stand on the plate/floor and raise your right leg in front of you around 2 inches off the ground
  2. Now pump your leg up and down, keeping your leg in the air
  3. Switch legs after 10 pumps
  4. Repeat 5 times

These muscle toning exercises are sure to tighten and tone your body fast! Repeat them 3 times, 3 days a week and you’ll soon see a difference. If you need some motivation to workout, check out my blog post:

How to Get Motivated to do Anything – My No Bullsh*t Approach & Why It Works

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