11 Simple Ways to Relax & Ease Anxiety During the Pandemic

Let’s face it, things are weird right now. Being in lockdown and feeling uncertain of the future is a little scary. It’s important now more than ever that we take into account our mental health. We need to practice some well-needed self-care and find some new ways to relax whilst we’re stuck at home.

I’ve got to say, for someone who doesn’t normally struggle with anxiety, I’ve had my moments!

If you’re struggling to find ways to relax because of kids, the worry of work, anxiety, or anything else, these tips can really make a difference to your wellbeing.

#1 Journal Your Thoughts

You may have never done it or you may be thinking ‘I don’t know what to write’. It’s quite simple to be fair but there are 2 methods I like to use.

1st Method: Write whatever comes into your head. It doesn’t have to make sense. It’s just your current emotions and thoughts being interpreted into words. See what comes out, you may be surprised and you will feel relief afterward.

2nd method: Write a letter from your future self. In 6 months from now, what would you want to be saying to your current self? That things are back to normal? That you shouldn’t stress so much because you’re back at work and thriving maybe?

It can be as long as you want. Spend a good 30 minutes and write from the heart.

#2 Diffuse Essential Oils

If you don’t have a diffuser, you need one! It’s become part of my daily routine now because I love the aromas floating around the house.

The main oils I use are lavender and rose. They have relaxing properties and having the diffuser in the background makes it such an easy way to relax at home.

#3 Use Essential Oils on Your Skin

Essential oils are not just for diffusing, you can use them on your skin for added effects.

Step 1: Buy GOOD quality essential oils. You can get synthetic oils that are just for diffusing so make sure they are a medical-grade. I buy mine from DoTerra.

Step 2: Buy a carrier oil. To be able to use essential oils on the skin, they must be blended with a carrier oil. This is because some oils have the power to burn the skin. Blend 1 pump of carrier oil with 2 drops of oil. Again I recommend lavender or rose. I also recommend fractionated coconut oil to blend it with which you can also buy from DoTerra here.

Step 3: Rub on back of neck, temples and wrists.

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#4 Pamper Yourself With a Face Mask

I love the feel of a good mask clearing my pores! You will most likely have your favourite mask already but one of my favourites, especially to soothe the skin is

#5 Have a Relaxing Bath

What do I mean by ‘relaxing’ bath rather than just a normal bath?

I mean you should go all out. Use a bath bomb, bubble bath, bath salts, the lot! Get a few candles out or move your diffuser to the bathroom.

Top Tip: Do the face mask after you’ve had your bath as your pores will be opened and the mask can work harder.

#6 Have a Stretch

If you haven’t yet tried yoga or Pilates, I highly recommend it. There’s no better way to relax at home than to focus on your breathing techniques and test your balance. There are plenty of youtube videos you can watch and do in front of your laptop in the living room.

Of course this is also classed as exercise which does wonders for your mental health. My fellow Life Coach Sam Neame explains why exercise is so important. Read his post:

4 reasons exercise is more important for your mental health than money

#7 Write Your WTIO bucket list

A great manifestation coach I follow wrote a great blog post about her ‘when this is over’ bucket list. Things that you will do after the pandemic. Read it on her blog.

#8 Wash Your Bed Sheets

I’m sure you’re aware of that feeling. That ‘ahhhh’ feeling when you first lye down on your bed after washing your sheets & pillowcases. The fresh smell and the way it just feels more comfortable for some reason?

It also makes for a better night’s sleep which is proved to help you de-stress and relax.

relax at home

#9 Drink English Tea, Green Tea or an Infused Tea With a Chinese Twist

With this routine, I have taken some traditional Chinese etiquette and combined it with the making of normal English, green, or infused tea. I’m in no way an expert when it comes to making tea just so you know! But I have been known to make a good brew.

You will need: Green Tea or flavoured Tea. Bottled spring water. A Teapot and teacup.

Step 1: Heat your teacup. Pour hot water into a bowl and soak the teacup for a minute, use tongs to remove it, leave it on the side.

Step 2: Boil bottled water in a pan. Brew the tea in a Teapot. Leave to brew for a few minutes

Step 3: Pour into the tea cup and leave to stand for a few minutes.

Step 4: Get comfortable on the floor and cross your legs

Step 5: Breathe in the aromas from the tea before taking a sip.

Step 6: Relax & enjoy!

#10 Online Shopping For Self-Care Items

Retail therapy is a real thing. Instead of going out to shop on the high street, why not shop online? It will still have the same effect and if you buy items that are essential for self-care then it’s a win-win!

Some ideas include; Face masks, candles, essential oils moisturiser, new bedding, and tea!

#11 Do a Puzzle

When was the last time you did a puzzle? For me, it’s probably been a few years but I’ve got my Disney themed one out ready to rock & roll! Step it up a notch and pour yourself a glass of wine as you’re doing it, you’ll feel relaxed in no time.

I hope you go away and use some of these to relax at home. Don’t forget to pin this post or share it if you enjoyed it.

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