How to Get Past Your Fear of Failure

The comforting thing you should know about having a fear of failure is that you’re not the only one. It’s completely normal so don’t panic! For me, getting over some of my fears has been a huge journey. One that I’m still on and always will be because there are always new challenges in business and life in general. I…

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3 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Exercise & Tone Your Body Fast

We all want a lean, toned body. And somehow we seem to want it with as little effort as possible. The good news is that it’s definitely possible to get quicker results if you exercise smart, but you still need to do the work. Don’t forget that what you eat also has a result on how quickly your body responds….

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10 Secrets to Live a Long, Healthy Life – You’ll Love Number 3!

When it comes down to living longer, some cultures and countries do better than others. The UK isn’t even in the top 10! Being of Italian heritage, I take pride in the fact that Italy is number 5. I think this is down to their more laid back lifestyle and food choices. In this post, I share 10 long, healthy…

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How to Take Control of Your Life When You Feel Stuck

Last month I turned 30. It kinda scared me, to be honest! I wasn’t prepared for it at all. When I was younger, I thought I’d be in a completely different place by now. Of course, I’ve learned that life doesn’t always go as planned but I have to take some responsibility and say that I could have done more…

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How to Overcome Your Self-Limiting Beliefs & Live Your Best Life

I’ve got to say that I’m quite passionate about this subject. It fascinates me to learn how our minds work and why we take certain actions or make certain choices over others. And when it comes to mastering your mindset, ‘self-limiting beliefs’ is a huge topic. I want to help as many women as possible feel good about themselves and…

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11 Simple Ways to Relax & Ease Anxiety During the Pandemic

Let’s face it, things are weird right now. Being in lockdown and feeling uncertain of the future is a little scary. It’s important now more than ever that we take into account our mental health. We need to practice some well-needed self-care and find some new ways to relax whilst we’re stuck at home. I’ve got to say, for someone…

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